I am passionate about helping authors craft their non-fiction books and proposals, from the big picture to the smallest details. Below are descriptions of the services I offer. Some projects end up being a combination of more than one, and I can create packages for a series of multiple services. This is a collaborative process, and I will work with you to decide the best direction for your unique needs.

Editorial Assessment/Manuscript Critique: This is a great option for authors who want a big- picture assessment of their manuscript but aren’t ready to invest in a full developmental edit. Rather than providing detailed line-editing or in-text comments, I focus on providing you with a substantive report (usually 10-12 pages) of how your project is working on multiple levels (macro and micro structures, depth and effectiveness of arguments, style, special elements such as exercises, how well it’s delivering on its promise to the reader, etc.), including a chapter-by-chapter analysis and suggestions for how you can approach revisions. This is an excellent first step in the editing process and best for early drafts. I offer this service for a flat fee of $1000 for manuscripts up to 70,000 words; $50 for every 5,000 words thereafter.

Developmental Edit: This takes editorial assessment to the next level and gets much deeper into the details of your manuscript. Along with my written report, I will make specific, in-depth comments throughout the manuscript. This service traditionally does not include heavy line-editing, but clients sometimes choose to combine these services if the manuscript is ready for it. Developmental editing is usually best when a manuscript is past its “rough” stage and ready for more fine-tuning.

Line-Editing: This is where I work with the manuscript on the paragraph and sentence level, editing the writing directly for clarity, style, voice, and flow. I like to think of this as the polishing stage, and it is best tackled once a manuscript has the structure finalized and other major issues resolved. This can be a great service for people coming from academic or business backgrounds who want help “translating” their work for a mainstream audience, for writers for whom English is a second language, and for any author with great ideas who needs a little extra help with writing.

Copyediting and Proofreading: While these are not services I offer, I want to define them here because they are an essential part of the editing process. Copyeditors are the great technicians of the editing world whose job it is to ensure a manuscript is following all the rules of grammar, spelling, capitalization, syntax, etc. Proofreading is the very last stage of editing, where the editor keeps an eye out for any typos or errors.

Book Proposal Development: Non-fiction book proposals are an art form unto themselves, and even the best writers often need help navigating this very specific formula. For non-fiction authors who are ready to submit their projects to agents or publishers, I help craft effective proposals that check all the boxes publishers and agents are looking for. This service also includes editing your query letter. (Here is a great basic overview of what a book proposal requires).

One important note: I am happy to do heavy line-editing on the proposal itself, but I do not line-edit sample chapters, though I can offer a developmental critique. This is an ethical issue for me, as I believe it is misleading to present sample chapters that do not reflect the actual writing of the product you are trying to sell to an agent or publisher. The one exception, however, is if my involvement is disclosed to the prospective buyer and we have a written agreement that I will be hired to work on the book once it is signed.

Ghostwriting: I like to think of ghostwriting as developmental editing and line-editing on steroids, with a lot of communication thrown in. Ghostwriting can take many different forms, but the way I prefer to work is with authors who already have something written, however rough it may be, and are looking for someone to rewrite and craft it into a book with a more polished version of their own voice. These are often long-term projects and require several emails, phone calls, and/or Zoom meetings as we work through the book together and brainstorm to figure out exactly what you want to say.

Sensitivity/Authenticity Reading: While my focus as an editor is primarily on non-fiction (though I will occasionally take on a novel if I really love it), I do offer fiction sensitivity reads for issues related to addiction/alcoholism and recovery, sexual trauma and recovery, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi/pan-sexuality, Gen X culture and issues, and Western Theravada Buddhism. I usually charge a flat fee of $500 for sensitivity reads.


Every project is different, and I’ll work with you to develop a budget and payment structure that makes sense to both of us. With the exception of my services that have a flat rate, I will want to see a sample of your writing and get some info about what you’re looking for before I can give you a quote. In general, you can count on my fees falling in the mid-range of industry standards as outlined on the Editorial Freelancers Association website.

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